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The Process

For the most part, every architectural firm has the same process for a given job. The names of the phases can change, but it's all essentially the same. Here's our version.

Phase I - Feasibility & Existing Conditions

During this phase we look at the existing conditions for the project and evaluate the possibilities for your site and project.

This includes surveying any existing buildings and systems.

Phase IV - Preliminary Bidding

At this point your project is developed enough to get preliminary pricing using at least 3 contractors. This is useful to gauge the overall cost of the project as well as what, if any, changes should be made to fit your budget.

Phase VII - Bidding & Contracting

When the drawings are completed, we go through the final bidding process ideally using the contractors from the preliminary phase. They are given the final drawings to get a detailed pricing for contractor selection.

Phase II - Schematic

Schematic design is when we bring together your wants and needs within the feasibility of what we can do on your site. This process can take time as we coalesce your ideas into a design that works both in form and fuction.

Phase V - Local Board Approvals

After we've finalized the design and project cost, we start working on any local board approvals for the project. This includes Board of Architectural Review (BAR), Planning Board, Zoning Board or Appeals (ZBA) and such.

Phase VIII - Permitting

While we are bidding the project, we submit the drawings for permit. This includes addressing Building Department comments and meeting any additional requirements they may have for the permitting process.

Phase III - Design Development

Once we've settled on a schematic design, we move into developing it further in order to get a preliminary pricing. This phase brings that approved scheme closer to reality as we look at details and structure.

Phase VI - Construction Documents

The approvals process happens in conjunction with moving into creating the drawings needed for permitting. Depending on the site requirements, this can include additional drawings like Stormwater or Landscaping.

Phase IX - Construction Administration

The construction phase is as hands on as the project requires but generally includes site visits at key stages, reviews of window and cabinetry drawings, any additional drawings needed to assist the contractor, punch listing at project completion and any filings needed for necessary certificates.

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